By Do What U Luv Foundation

Online Guide 

for School Partners

School admin, staff, and PAC

School-Partnership overview

The "Afterschool Guide" (by DWUL Foundation) and "Do What U Luv ( Online Platform" has an MOU with SD43 as of Dec. 2021.

What can Schools Access?

A network of vetted community programs to be offered in-school during the afterschool time 3-5 pm at discounted/subsidized rate.

How are 'Program Partners' vetted?

Program providers must submit a partnership application with Afterschool Guide and SD43 Community Connections Partnership. 

Community Safety Policies and Guidelines

Developed by the SD43 Community Connections Partnership and Afterschool Guide partnership. 

COVID-19 Procedures

All program providers must either have their COVID-19 procedures or follow the recommended guidelines by DWUL-SD43 Community Connections Partnership.