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for Service Providers

Businesses, non-profits, charities, community groups, instructors

Provider-to-School Engagement Guide

Program Vetting and Review

All programs must be vetted and approved by the SD43 Community Healthy Living team, including background checks and assessments, to ensure the program's structure and costs align with SD43 schools and families.

Ongoing Process (School-Year)

Schools access vetted program information and support via the “Afterschool Guide” (ASG) portal from the "School Partner" tab and the "Request Programs" page (

School Admin (principals) or, in some cases, the Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) handle program booking and send in requests based on the needs of students and families.

If schools ask about new program suggestions or activities similar to your program(s), we share your information or make introductions (not guaranteed, and schools decide).

Provider Outreach to Schools (Optional)

SD43 permits providers to contact schools directly to introduce themselves and their programs and establish relationships for engagement.

Many providers are working with SD43 schools this way based on school preferences.

In outreach emails, providers should:

Identify/mention you are a “Provider (new or existing for x of years) in collaboration with SD43-Afterschool Guide & DWUL.”

Attach your program info (in the email directly or as a 1-2 page PDF), including:

Let them know they can book with you directly or request your program from the ASG portal's "School Partner" tab and the "Request Programs" page (

School Decision Autonomy

SD43 schools have complete autonomy over program planning and booking.

The SD43 Community Healthy Living team, led by Jeff Stromgren, and the Afterschool Guide by DWUL Foundation do not dictate school decisions. It's up to the schools.